Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bankers and Students.

Stop & Search Special Colourful Radio Fr 7th Feb 2014

Dear friends and frenemies

As you may have heard we here at @ColourfulRadio have been broadcasting a number of programmes under the title #StateOfBlackBritain.

We have been canvassing opinion for holding a national conference on this issue later in the year, that will set our to comprehensively capture the challenges and opportunities that confront all of our communities. So far the response as been overwhelmingly positive!

Our first programme in this series focused on hearing from all over the UK on how our communities are faring during this period of unprecedented austerity. The second programme focused on the implications of the Mark Duggan verdict on police and black community relations. Our third programme focussed on Representation in the Black media and last week we focussed on Race and Education All of these programmes are availble on podcast and downloadable

This week Friday 7th February 2014 between 7-10 am we are focussing on Stop and Search which has emerged in recent months as the number issue of concern in Britain's black communities.

The programme will look at some of the key issues examining the effective use of Stop and Search powers by the police as well as and the exploring the issue of ethnic disparities in the charging of black and white people for the same crime.

We will look at whether the power works in reducing crime and providing public reassurance or whether it has now become counterproductive and oppressive in its use.

Keen to hear from young people who have suffered Stop and Search so if you know anyone that may be interested in speaking , then please do let me know.

It would be great if you could join me on the phone for an interview.

We have a free phone number 0800 999 8090 and would love to hear from you. We rely on your support to help us get our message out so [please do share listen and participate.

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