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Black Bean Counting Fails to Cure Epic #NHSRacism

Black Bean Counting Fails to Cure Epic #NHSRacism  

There is an epidemic of racism within our beloved NHS. It is not only harming the career prospects of BAME staff it is literally killing some of them. 
The more I looked into this area the more of a scandal appeared before me.

Aside from the recent case Of Richard Hastings previously of in Kings College Hospital  London, an interesting case that garnered national headlines (my forthcoming documentary #RacismAtKings will be launched in the next few days), and as I have recently discovered there have been very many other standout cases. 

One such case is Eliot Browne a 55-year old manager who was dismissed in 2008 by Central Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. He was deemed by an employment tribunal to have suffered racial discrimination at the hands of his employer, and received an award of almost £1 million in damages. The Trust apparently never apologised to Mr Browne, and appealed against the tribunal decision. It subsequently lost the appeal. It was reported at the tribunal that witnesses for the Trust closed ranks and that disciplinary action was commenced against Mr Browne to get him sacked. A union official commented, “The systematic intimidation and bullying of a single individual, the like of which I have never seen in my career as a regional union officer, was breathtaking and callous”. Mr Browne is reported to have stated, “It is scandalous that this kind of behaviour should exist in an organisation whose prime purpose is to care for others”.

Of course Black people have not just been content to be punching bags in the battle for fir and decent treatment. The NHS BME Network gave an outstanding account of themselves in the fight for many years. The Network was led by Dr Vivienne Lyfar-Cissé a Principal Clinical Biochemist in Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH) NHS Trust. During the early years she stood out as an unflinching advocate for race equality in the NHS. She Chaired a number of BME Networks including the Surrey and Sussex BME Network; the South East Coast BME Network and was the Transitional Lead for the NHS BME Network before being elected Chair of the Network in        2012.

Under Vivienne’s leadership The South East Coast BME Network published The Equality Service Reviewreport July 2008. It was not easy to acquire the data from the Trusts in the region but against incredible odds the review was completed and showed statistical evidence of the huge disparity in the experience of BME staff compared to their white counterparts. Vivienne went on to form the NHS BME Network which began the work of holding the NHS leadership to account at national level. The Network at its peak held conferences in Mayfair hotels attended by NHS leading lights with audiences of over 500 NHS professionals. There was a famous moment when David Nicholson (then NHS CEO) was summoned from his office by Network’s Annual Conference, subsequently mailing his apologies for not taking the time to appear in person. 

Unfortunately, as with many black movements, internal and external political pressures caused fragmentation and its eventual decline.

Vivienne and her colleagues Dr Isaac John, Kenny Dhun, Henry Oblie, Nolan Victory and Joel O’Loughlin are the unsung heroes of the current approach to race equality watch out for forthcoming interviews with them on my You Tube Channel. 

The report they published in 2008 established the basis for measuring the BME experience and led to 3 Trusts being issued Compliance Orders by the Equality & Human Rights Commission. This meant they were in breach of the Race Relation Amendment Act (2000) failing in their duty to tackle institutional racism. The methodology was picked up by Roger Kline a researcher in Research Fellow at Middlesex University Business Schoolwho published old wine in a new bottle in a report called ‘Snowy White Peaks’. The premise of the title is the higher you climb up the NHS hierarchy the whiter it gets. Roger went on to become the Director, Workforce Race Equality Standard (Research and Engagement) at NHS England. - Vivienne fell from grace and was fired for discrimination.
The NHS made implementing the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) a requirement for NHS commissioners and NHS healthcare providers including independent organisations, through the NHS standard contract in 2015. From 2017, independent healthcare providers were also required to publish their WRES data.
The first WRES report, was published in June 2016, followed by the 2016 WRES report on 19 April 2017. In the first two years, not all the Trust provided quality data and what was produced showed appalling disparities which evidence systemic discrimination. It’s hard to criticise an evidence based approach to tackling a persistent blight on the NHS, but counting beans is useless unless you marry it up with action to make things better. There has been a marked lack of such initiatives. and today the NHS is experiencing an epidemic of racial discrimination and bullying of BAME staff.
It is time for the NHS to stop counting black beans and do something to kill the virus of discrimination which is making us all sick. Watch this space for news on my drive to flush the system of the virus and purge the NHS of racism.
If you are an NHS professional and have a personal story of racism or bullying get in touch here

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Romford Mother Speaks Out on The Beating Of Her Son by Met Police.

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This week's show is an exclusive interview with the mother of the Mum of 17 yr old black boy, who along with his 14 yr old brother, was arrested in #Romford recently. 

Harrowing testimony of what happened that day with new harrowing details and a mother demanding that @MayorofLondoninstructs the @metpoliceukCommissioner to #SuspendPCKevinRawley

Filming in #Romfordthe other day for this film and I was approached by two white white cockney women, and asked what I’m doing, I tell them I’m filming in relation to the incident the other day, and they told me the biggest pile of crap, that they said, they'd been told by police.

So there we were chatting, firstly they told me that arrested boy lives above their shop and stinks of cannabis all the time. Secondly, they said the black boy who was arrested, had assaulted a police officer, prior to filming beginning. 

Thirdly, the second black boy who had run off, was a "known drug dealer" or else why would he run off?

They also told me, that it was it was " common knowledge" that Black boys with knives are “committing most of the crimes in their area.” 

When I asked where they had got their information, they told me their local @metpoliceuk officers had briefed them “on the circumstances of the arrest " and from that information, it was absolutely clear " the boys were drug dealers."

When I told them, the arrested black boy did not in fact live above their shop, that, in fact he had no previous criminal record, and his "drug dealing mate" was in fact his 14-year-old brother who ran home to alert the mother, their response was instant and shocking,"Well we don't know about that, but we all know is black kids committing all the crime around here."

When I showed them their borough crime profile that proved otherwise, they said "you can't trust the police figures most people don't report crime".

When I pointed out the disproportionate use of violence by police in arresting black youth, and the differential ethnic charging regime for the possession of cannabis it made not one jot of difference. They said "I'm not being funny but you are the racist, not the police officer"

It was a staggering level of ignorance, these woman simply refused to be moved off their prejudice. What's clear is that @MPSHavering #Romford are running a covert smear, propaganda campaign against the boys. These women said they have been fully briefed by local PCs.

So not only have the @metpoliceuk refused to #SuspendPCKevinRawley they're running a covert propaganda campaign to discredit these two young black boys. What is the @MayorofLondon and @SophieKLindendoing about racist propaganda misinformation campaign?

So my question to @MPSHavering is what action are you going to take to investigate precisely what locals have been told by Romford PC's ? @  and why is Met PC Kevin Rawley still in work despite being under investigation by the @IOPC_Help? Such is the level of anger in the black community that failing to suspend this officer constitutes a definitive provocation and will lead to conflict on our streets. 

Dear Met Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick please stop racially  targeting our children.

Here are your officers, publicly searching a young black girl child in east London, we all know that this should've been be done by a policewoman. Have we now decided that white male police officers can search teenage black girls?

Watch the video here.... A

This occurred in East London, and on the 23rd May there is a strategic, #StopAndSearch meeting taking place in Hackney, this meeting will set out a strategic community framework for the use of stop and search powers and the policing of cannabis, in London. (See below for event details)

The sponsoring organisations, hope to collectively agree on a manifesto demand, setting out a policing agenda for the forthcoming, London mayoral elections, due to take place in May 2015.
Stop and search will loom large in that election, and with your support, we intend to make it so.

Can you imagine, if this is taken place with a 14-year-old Muslim girl in Tower Hamlets? The response would be overwhelming. What that tells us is there a differential policing styles, operating in London and bringing differential policing to distinct ethnic groups, in accordance with favourite prejudices, terrorism for the Muslims and cannabis for the Blacks.

Dear Mr Mayor of London​ Sophie Linden​ I and indeed many others, have consistently and repeatedly warned you about your failure, to focus on the ever-worsening relationships between London's African, and African Caribbean communities and the Metropolitan police service, during your time in office, you have chosen to ignore and reject any idea that the Metropolitan police service could in any way be illegally, and en masse, racially profiling London's black communities.

You're now massively increasing stop and search at a time when public trust is it lowest Level in recorded history, and as a result of your continued failure to interject, restrain and where necessary confront, the deep institutional bias that is residual in the core policing operational practice. to be honest, I find this quite bizarre, given you were a practising solicitor for many cases of police racism and yet we can find virtually no political response to the challenge of racial profiling in stop and search.

Can you imagine, a Labour London Mayor, being outflanked by a Tory Prime Minister who insisted that the burning injustices our communities face, at the hands of London police officers, must come to an end?
Whilst she spoke boldly, you in stark contrast, have remained utterly silent. That deafening silence may come, at enormous cost to you, the capital and indeed the country at large,

Institutionalised racism within the police service, has produced "soft apartheid" like policing culture, where any and all police racism, can be legally justified and explained away, under the existing law.

While the police and the Home Office, research and statistical analysis on ethnicity and the use of, stop and search figures and cannabis cautions/charges, have long demonstrated that your our officers are targeting black youths using this age-old racist, policing prescription.

There is growing anger at this burning injustice in our community, and that includes your own particular failure, as the head of the police service, to tackle institutionalised police racism, racial profiling, stop and search, disproportionate charging and the failure to tackle police officers engaged in gross and often violent racist arrests.

The response of the public, seen here in the video below, is a testament to the fact that the police are no longer trusted by many in our community.
The Met hs lost our public trust and confidence as they continue to abuse and harass young black boys and girls, using their catchall convenience power of stop and search, with the usual add-on, "I smell or suspected she was in possession of Cannabis or illegal drugs." Let us remember that the British Crime Survey, has consistently shown all the last 30 years, that by their own admission, white people are the biggest user of cannabis in the United Kingdom by a country mile.

After the Romford arrest (please see my latest exclusive interview with the mother) the final vestiges of any trust, that remained have now evaporated under the glaring heat of institutional police racism. It can be a long old hot summer if the police of the beard like this once our young people break up from school

And yet, research tells us that the police are disproportionately targeting black youths for #StopAndSearching charging, and sending youth for possession of cannabis, yet in contrast, the figures show that London's white youth, are routinely given a caution when the amounts of offences and the remarkable the research shows that this discrimination exists, and this is important, even when the number of drugs, and the number of previous offences of suspects, are exactly the same.

What this means is black youth are being, Illegally force-fed into the criminal justice system, where they then begin to see racist racism and disproportionality ramp up at every stage of the criminal justice process. This is exactly what David Lammy MP described, in his recent report on racism within the criminal justice system.

What this demonstrates, and listen to me well, is that the police are using a combination of disproportionate stop and search and the suspicion of cannabis possession, as the rationale for over 80% of all stop and searches that take place in London.

It's got to stop, any one of these arrests could be a catalyst for wider civil disturbances as communities erupt under the constant pressure of racial profiling and police violence. Our communities are now pressured cookers building up a head of steam, and Mr Mayor the inevitable truth for you, as you head into the last 12 months before the mayoral elections is stark and gravely worrying.

Having failed to rein in the worst excesses of institutionalised racism in policing practice you're administration has allowed this situation, a situation that was clearly avoidable and could have been diverted, to build up such momentum, that I suspect there is very little you can do to avoid the now almost inevitable outcome.

Any incident triggered by racist policing and police brutality, whether real or imagined, can cause widespread disturbance, such is the level enmity few in the community are now prepared to stand by and believe London's police officers when they say they are not targeting black youths.

The figures don't lie. The awful truth is, and here we see a country and a capital city that refuses to learn from its history, that if LondonLondon does not learn, then London will burn, and the primary responsibility for this epic tragedy, will live at the door of the mayor's office that is willfully and consistently refused to challenge Metropolitan police racism

With thanks to Peachey Mcqueen​ and Tears Carpenter​  for posting the video. And if anyone knows this family Id like to talk to them so ends them my way. Please share this information, as they avidly read my page to gauge public opinion. So like, share and leave your comment, I guarantee anything you write here, will be seen by the powers that be. Time to speak truth to power.

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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Lee Jaspers speaking on Immigration legislation in 1989.

This amazing video was sent to me. It shows me giving a speech, 30 years ago, unbelievably on the issue of impending immigration legislation and hostile environment. 
The year was 1989 i was 30 and had hair. At time we were opposing PM John Majors 1990 Immigration Act, which we in the National Black Caucus, had dubbed the "Anti Black Family Bill" 
Listening now, the speech is so prescient of what was to come. The warning so clear, the predictions, so tight, its actually scary. I carry the weight of the prophetic tradition, not in any mystical form, although all glory is to God, my burden is to look at policy and politics and reading the runes, I am able to make strong predictions. many of which reflecting, on my past writings and speeches, have sadly come true. 
What I am pleased with, when I watch this video, is the fact that I have tried to maintain my principled opposition to racism, and organise our communities most of my life. 
But its not easy, imagine the sadness of continually ringing the alarm and then witnessing your words come true? That can be a blessing or a curse.
Anyway, this all far to heavy for a Saturday morning, so take a look, at this rather handsome, radical, svelte, eloquent young man, with hair. I give you Mr Lee Jasper 1989. Enjoy. 

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Breaking News: Gwenton Sloley, UK's leading anti violence practitioner, has been arrested by the Met again.

You will, no doubt remember the case of Gwenton Sloley, one of the countries leading anti violence, anti gang practitioners, who was illegally targeted and arrested by the Metropolitan Police Service just before Christmas last year. 

Unbelievably, the Metropolitan Police has arrested and raided Gwenton’s old home for a second time.  

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Gwenton was initially snared into a Met police investigation, which had absolutely no connection to him, when they ‘mistakenly’ raided his home in October last year. 

In the first raid they claimed they were looking for a previous tenant, who last lived at Gwenton’s current address, some 5 years previously. 

Prior to that raid, the Met Police were caught off guard, attempting to tamper with the lock of Gwenton’s front door, some 4 days prior to the police raid. Plain clothes officers were witnessed trying to pick  the lock on his front door seeking to gain entry to his property. 

Gwenton reported this incident to the police 

After the raid, the police, then disgracefully disclosed his address to the public. As a result Gwenton was issued an Osman warning by the very same Lewisham Police who disclosed this address. An Osman warning is an official police notice, informing him that his life was under threat, as a consequence of the police disclosing his address and advised him to leave the property immediately.

He hasn’t stayed at his old property, since that initial raid in October 2018. 

Then, unbelievably on the 22nd January 2019, against a backdrop of rising outrage and concern expressed by many politicians and community leaders. the Met Police stepped up their harassment, and provocatively arrested Gwenton. Despite raised concerns about the first raid, the Police raided his old home yet again, literally busting down the front door, whilst simultaneously planning to arrest Gwenton who was out driving with his wife, in central Croydon.


In order to do that the Police must have been following Gwenton, that means the Metropolitan Police, instead of focusing on arresting real serious criminals in our community, is spending time spying on, following and harassing Gwenton. 

He was arrested at 3 PM in the afternoon and released at 12 midnight. Whilst at the police station, the police seemed confused as to what charges Gwenton should face and were admonished by the Custody Sergeant, who told the arresting officers, to go away and get their story straight.

Unbelievably, when they finally determined the basis of his arrest they cited "new intelligence" that they’d secured from the second raid on his old home. 

This "damning evidence" turned out nothing more than a parking ticket. Stop right there people, okay  back it up and reverse it. 

A parking ticket? Are you kidding me?

What the hell is happening to Gwenton? It appears to me that the Met are intent on, smearing his good name, as well as finding any old excuse to harass and arrest him. I suggest to you they're trying to provoke a reaction out of him, no doubt so they can find a meaningful basis to arrest and further discredit him.

It was also reported to me, that the Mayor of Lewisham was told that Lewisham Police officers, that they had found "drugs" when they initially raided old Gwenton’s home, that’s simply a stone cold lie.

This is pure political and illegal harassment by the Metropolitan police.
My first You Tube interview with Gwenton, immediately after the initial raid, attracted over 18,000 views, and sparked lots of additional news coverage. 

Why is this happening you may say?  In short, the Metropolitan Police Service, I believe have targeted Gwenton because of his relentless commitment to challenging the routine failures of statutory agencies. to adequately safeguard families whose children are at risk of serious violence or criminal activity. 

These failures are most tragically illustrated by the case of 7 year old Lewisham boy, Joel Uhrie, whose Mother begged both Lewisham Council and the Police for protection. She feared for her family’s safety, after her wayward son was recently released from prison. Gwenton supported her desperate pleas for help. 

This mother was ignored, and as a direct consequence of Lewisham Council and the Metropolitan Police Services failure to rehouse this family, resulted in the utterly avoidable and tragic murder of Joel.

Such catastrophic failures, will only serve to reinforce a deep reluctance by the community, to approach the police when families fear criminal violence. This is a case of national significance for all of those working in the practitioner field of violence reduction and safeguarding, the implications for which are profound.

Lewisham Councillors  begin to ask questions about Gwenton arrest. . 
Lewisham Council has subsequently launched an "official inquiry" into this case, but after the avoidable death of a seven-year-old boy, such a clumsy, bureaucratic response appears woefully inadequate, lacking in empathy, apology or acknowledgment of responsibility.

All those involved or responsible for the horrendous failure that led to Joel's murder and the subsequent illegal harassment, visited on Gwenton should be immediately suspended, pending investigation

Gwenton believes he was targeted as a consequence of refusing to keep quiet, about this and many other statutory failures that exposed the cruel realities of the lack of safeguarding support in Lewisham. 

These issues will deeply affect levels of public trust and confidence, and many families, may well now decide to make their own arrangements to keep their families safe, rather than approaching the police or local authorities. 

Practitioners in the arena of violence intervention, need to read about this case, and make sure that they are not being targeted, set up, undermined, by their local police constabulary and local authorities in their areas.

The acute and tragic failure of Lewisham Council to prevent the avoidable death of a seven-year-old Joel amounts to a national scandal that has barely registered, above the frenzied, news media, hubble and bubble of Brexit, but which nevertheless, has resonated deeply into the soul of British black communities. 

That's why we need your support to ensure that you share this story right across social media. We rely on you to help us to campaign, challenge and break the back of institutionalised racism and political harassment by the Metropolitan Police Service.

For the purposes of this article, I was given exclusive access to confidential internal Met Police emails, expressing concern about community tensions and issues resulting from the initial botched raid on Gwenton's home 

A senior Met Officer, breached privacy data protocols and procedures, sending an confidential email to senior figures in Lewisham, specifically referencing Gwenton, to a member of the public, but not just any member of the public, more about this later. The officer later apologised but frankly its too little too late

Every aspect of this case, is characterised by malicious intent or rank incompetence, just, look at the evidence objectively, and you can conclude nothing other than Gwenton is the subject of sustained police harassment and illegal arrest and detention

The Metropolitan Police Service, appears to be engaging in "fishing trips" intent on finding something, anything they can charge Gwenton with. This second raid is deeply provocative, offensive and will further aggravate and inflame community tensions with the police. 

Further, how is it that confidential Police emails, end up in the public domain, compromising Gwenton right to privacy and constituting a gross breach of data confidentiality?

We are still awaiting the actual detail of why, and what basis the Met raided his old home for a second time.  

As I stated earlier, I suspect that Gwenton is the victim of an on-going police campaign to falsely arrest and charge, him in a determined attempt to smear his name, marginalise his voice and discredit his evidence.

In another curious twist to the story, the confidential email sent to a member of the public, was actually delivered to a young Mum, who was dealing with her own son, who had been involved in gang activity. 

She had volunteered to take part in a training video with the Metropolitan Police Service told her would be used to help officers and practitioners understand the consequences of violence and its effects on families and communities. 

She was reassured that the video would not be for public use, and agreed to take part. She subsequently found out, this police training service video, was made publicly available on You Tube, without her permission or knowledge and thereby endangering her and her entire family.

So in a curious twist, this mother was sent, by mistake confidential details around Gwenton’s initial raid, arrest and release. 

Of course she complained bitterly and pointed out, that not only had they compromised Gwenton's confidentiality, Lewisham police had also placed both her and her family in real danger, by publishing what was supposed to be a police training video, in the public domain.

There is a serious and critical failure to provide protection to those families in danger of criminal attack or retribution, as a result of their children's violent lifestyles. Desperate for help, these families approach the statutory authorities, only to be faced with the galling reality that in many cases, they cannot be effectively helped or supported.


Watch my interview with four prominent black men who were arrested above. Ask yourself, why the Met would target men like them ? All of whom are leading members of the community, all with outstanding individual track records in seeking to improve community relations with the police ? It beggars belief. 

You can see my interview with Stafford Scott about his arrest here. 

Like Gwenton, all have either faced harassment, arrest and malicious prosecution by the police. These include people like Stafford Scott, Ken Hinds, Cllr Mohammed Hashi, all prominent community leaders  targeted by the Metropolitan Police Service.  

The political implications for London should be clear, firstly the Mayor has to get a grip of what has now developed into an acute crisis of confidence between the Met and  London's black communities. 

This crisis also includes the statutory response to youth violence,  in particular London's ability to effectively safeguard and support families when seeking to tackle rising violence. Slip streaming this crisis in police relations, many local councils and statutory agencies are also failing to adequately safeguard black families at risk. 

In light of these two cases, there is great specific concern about Lewisham Council and the Metropolitan Police Service. 

Their combined failures and hostile intent have combined to acutely aggravate community relations and public trust in statutory authorities. This can only further undermine the already precipitous and toxic state of black communities relations with both the Met and many statutory safeguarding agencies and organisations in London. 

The Mayor or the Home Secretary must intervene, listen, recognise and respond to London black communities, who are becoming increasingly alienated and enraged as a consequence of the toxic deterioration of police/community relations. 

That Gwenton should be subject to yet another baseless police arrest, continue to suffer, the on going campaign of police harassment and intimidation should be condemned by all deceit people. Those responsible for the failure that led to Joels Uhrie's murder should be held to immediate account.  

The Mayors of London and Lewisham, their advisers, the Home Secretary, all need to urgently look into this case and intervene focusing on Lewisham failure to protect Joel, and prevent the disgraceful hounding of an innocent man and the active prosecution of profound injustice.