Monday, 4 May 2015

My new company Introducing Kru Nation

Kru Nation Capwear 

Snapback Africa hats designed by my new company- Kru Nation
In 19th century Africa before the creation of modern day Seirra Leone and Liberia by both Britain and America West Africa was ruled by the Kru Nation. 

The Kru fought against both to retain their land and were said to be incapable of being enslaved. 

It was said of a Kru man or women, that if caught, would either kill the slaver or themselves, choosing freedom or death. 
It was said by historians of the time that the spirit of the Kru was 'unbreakable'.
Kru Nation, fashion and design label, revives this indomitable freedom loving spirit of the Kru people with its first offering. 
Unique and exclusive to Kru Nation we present the essential hat for those with Africa on their mind. Abandon the privatisation of your head space by the corporate giants, wear Kru Nation conscious apparel. 

Kru Nation
Britain, London.