Friday, 28 July 2017

#Justice4Rashan Family statement. Please share.

Rashan Charles 20 yrs old. 
Thursday 27th July 2017
The Charles family are sad to announce that our beloved Rashan Charles sadly passed away in the early hours of Saturday 22nd July 2017. 
The circumstances of his death are tragic and as a family we are understandably deeply distressed. We would be grateful if you could respect our need for privacy at this difficult time.
We are keen to consult and support organisations, as well as individuals, that have undergone similar experiences and we do appreciate all support we receive in return. 
However, at this time we ask that all parties respect our current approach in the aftermath of this tragic event. We are speaking and meeting directly with the independent investigators (IPCC), allowing reasonable time for meaningful progress.
1. Be assured we are determined to get answers as to how and why this fatality occurred.
2. We will achieve this by acting within the law, and ensure there is individual and organisational accountability.
3. We will not be deterred and we will use every lawful method available to achieve these ends.
We appreciate all support, but any hostile actions or other events, at this stage, that may risk detracting from our current co-operative engagement with the Independent Police Complaints Commission and Metropolitan Police is unwelcome.

The Charles Family