Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I love it when a plan comes together.

I am so proud to be a founder a member of both Operation Black Vote and the Movement Against Xenophobia. 

Both have made dramatic interventions into the British general elections raising the important matters on race and racism. 

Both have made national news and both have the country talking. 

                                                      Both tackle racism head on . 

Britain's First Black PM

Time for black Prim Minister ? Hell Yes! 

I rarely agree with David Cameron but he is right on this one. Read more here 

Baltimore African Americans and the Blu Klu Klan

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Here is my most recent article on the situation in Baltimore and the reality of our struggle than renders black women in the struggle invisible. You can read it here on the Operation Black Vote website.  

We Won ! London Diaspora Debating Society

I was delighted to have captained the team that opposed the proposition " Voting has never benefited black communities and never will" On My team Ron Belgrave and a young man called Siddo Dwyer. 
Winning Team Diaspora Debating Society April 2015

Opposing, if you can call it that, were Kingsley Abrahams, Lorna Campbell and 'double agent' Hughie Rose who had a hard time explaining how he went from being a Liberal Democrat candidate to a Black Panther. 

Suffice to say superior erudition, research and passion won the day. It was throughly enjoyable.