Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Oppose UKIP Stand Together in Massive Show of Unity.

The reality is that UKIP, whatever their protestations and everday blokeish charm are, in fact a crypto-fascist party infested with racists, homophobes, islamaphobics, climate change deniers, sexist bigots and the like.

Their politics thrives on fear and hatred and, in these harsh economic times, brought on by reckless rich casino bankers. Such scapegoating becomes infectious among those who perceive themselves  too weak to take on the rich, but who are all too willing to take out their anger on the weakest members of society.

To target migrants is political and moral cowardice, to forment hate  is the refuge of the bully, to disemintate lies and propaganda as the turth is the tactic of the vicious and the venal.

We must rally now and oppose in a show of solidaity and unity that demonstrates we are not afraid, we don't believe their lies and we stand in solidarity with migrants.

We ask that you help us make this meeting a huge statement of opposition to the politics of fear and hatred by attending this meeting, promote the meeting ruthlessly and stand with in rejection of the politics of hate.

                                        STOP SCAPEGOATING IMMIGRANTS
Immigrants are getting a raw deal in this election campaign, with promises of further restrictions and the threat to free movement within Europe being promoted by UKIP and others. Throughout the life of the Coalition Government we have seen primary and secondary legislation introduced which demonises and marginalises immigrants. From the family rules of July 2012, to the Immigration Bill soon to complete its passage through Parliament, restrictions and the 'climate of hostility' have been the flavour of the day. 

This looks set to continue throughout the next year as we approach the General Election. We need to put a marker down and say NO to this competition of intolerance.

We hope you will be able to attend this meeting and that you will be able to help us promote it through your networks.

Monday 19 May 2014, 7pm
Indian YMCA , 41 Fitzroy Square
(nearest tube is Warren Street)