Saturday, 19 February 2011

BARAC's Lee Jasper joins community activist on SLR Radio by MzLashmore



Lee Jasper joined fellow activist and SLR Radio DJ Dougie Williams on the evening of Tuesday 1 February 2011 to discuss the impact of the coalition’s cuts on the community.
The talk show began about 10:30 pm and continued to the early hours with callers from England’s North London community dialling the live link number and making valued contributions.
As grass route campaign groups are growing by the day and are now linking together using face book, twitter or emails lists etc, it is clear that although the political points may not always be the same, generally there is a shared anger simmering in the British public because many feel cheated and betrayed by the political leaders.
Not only is the validity of the Spending Review being actively challenged from positions in law (lack of Equality Impact Assessments on the cuts), but campaign groups are also exploring the lack of clarity on the Government’s mandate to impose the financial changes.