Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Re: AV and other news, from Operation Black Vote: the home of black politics

Dear friends of OBV

Last thing first this week. With one day to go before our event supporting the Alternative Vote I would like to invite you to be part of it. I know to many this debate sounds boring. The reality is this is a once on a lifetime
opportunity to give a greater voice for our communities right across the UK. I want the political establishment to see that you care about this. David Lammy, Oona King and Vince Cable will be there urging Black Briton's to vote yes at tomorrow's event. There are still a few places left. Register and come and join us tomorrow.
To book your place please call us on 020 8983 5452 or email ticket@obv.org.uk.

Doors are open at 6.30pm for 7.00pm start.

Commonwealth Club, 25 Northumberland Ave, (off Trafalgar Square), London WC2N 5AP

In regards to last week's stories Dawn Joseph wrote a very moving piece about joining the Smiley Culture march the other weekend. We were deeply saddened about the attack on Zahra Kazemi Saleh, who was set upon for wearing a hijab. David Daglish rounded on the misguided comments that Comedian John Cleese made about London not being 'English' enough. Lee Jasper wrote wrote another hard hitting piece highlighting the Met Commissioners concerns of budget cuts and how it will affect policing in the capital. And lastly I was pleased to show solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters in Scotland at the Scottish TUC conference in Ayr

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If you have stories that you want us to cover or print let us know.

Regards as always and keep strong.