Sunday, 4 September 2011

Why the Smiley Culture Whitewash won’t wash with London’s black communities.

Kingsley Burrell, Demetre Fraser and David Emanuel

No Officers to face disciplinary charges over the death of Smiley Culture according to the IPCC.

London’s Black communities are enraged by such a decision. I know what usually concerns black communities is of little or no concern to anyone else, however if London wants to avoid descent into open hostilities between black communities and the MPS it should take heed of the following perceptions that are both widespread and strongly held.

It simple and easy to understand:

1.   No one believes the Police particularly when the officer in the kitchen refuses to give a formal statement.

2.   No one believes the IPCC is effective particularly after the Smiley Culture and Mark Duggan fiascos.

3.   The knife he used to allegedly kill himself has no fingerprints on it al all. Most people upon hearing that fact believe the knife handle was therefore wiped clean by persons or person unknown.

4.   Smiley had been handcuffed. The Police version of events was incredulously seeking to suggest that that was done after he plunged a knife straight into his heart.  They say he was thrashing around and was very strong. This is disbelieved for two reasons:

a)   Everyone knows that on a serious drugs raid all suspects in the property are handcuffed immediately. That is standard operating procedure.

b)   Death is instantaneous when stabbed through the heart. It is therefore completely ludicrous to suggest that the handcuffs were put on after he supposedly stabbed himself.

5.   His family who knew him better than anybody have declared that Smiley was optimistic, confident and excited about his future and had no reason to kill himself.

I believe what should now happen in the short term is the following:

1.   The Police officers involved should all be suspended pending investigation.
2.   Those officers who have refused to give formal statements to the IPCC should be compelled to do so or be sacked immediately for gross misconduct.
3.   The Mayor should support the call for a public inquiry into all suspicious deaths in custody or failing a positive response from Government should announce a London independent inquiry into the same.
4.   The Mayor himself should attend local meetings with London a black communities in particularly Tottenham and Brixton to hear first hand the concerns of our communities.
5.   That we should mobilise and attend the next meeting of the MPA Full Authority is to take place on the 15th September 2011- 10:00 - 12:00 in the Chamber, City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA.

Lee Jasper

Picture from flyer by Campaign 4 Justice 4 Demetre Fraser aka T.Dot