Thursday, 5 April 2012

Occupy Faith UK: Peaceful meeting at Royal Courts of Justice this Saturday

OHM@Jutsice Occupy Faith Launch Event
Royal Courts of Justice
Strand London WC2A 2LL
Underground Station
Underground Station  Temple.


Saturday 7th April at 12.00 - Location: Royal Courts of Justice


All that is required to Occupy is people and places. Across the globe and in the UK the Occupy movement pursues socially progressive solutions to human needs and social justice for the 99% who are the nations least wealthy. We should unite in challenging the system, because if we are complacent, we are complicit in allowing injustice to happen.

Faith groups have been sources of moral reasoning an
d beautiful narrative for thousands of years, own property across the nation, and represent 45 million UK citizens. 

In order for the Occupy movement to claim to represent the 99% there needs to be a constructive dialogue with local communities, including faith groups, to develop an understanding of their concerns and seek their assistance in providing solutions. The only way for faith groups to continue to claim to be a source of moral authority, is to open its doors and encourage their members to engage in the good work that Occupy has been doing in highlighting economic and social injustices.

Occupy Faith UK are dedicated to combining faith cultures and resistance cultures in support of the Occupy movement to make a joint stand against social & economic injustice, class culture, racism and oppression. 

We are planning to gather as a peaceful crowd outside the Royal Courts of Justice at 12.00 on Saturday the 7th April and will have a few speakers and performers, discussing issues of justice in the UK, after which we will chant ohm together. The effect of a mass chant can be pleasant in itself as a meditation, in a healing spirit we will be trying to bring justice to life. This is to show the benefits of coming together as a community. After the chant we hope to have a few musicians and participate in a Scriptural Reasoning on justice.

We will also be revealing more about our plans to hold a Pilgrimage for Justice walk from St Paul's to Canterbury Cathedral over the coming summer and this is open to everyone to join us. We are planning to undertake this event from the 7th till the 23rd of June, stopping off at important locations and developing discussions and general assemblies to feed into a conference in Canterbury.  It will take the support of many people to make this work, and we hope to generate some here. 

Come and join us, invite your friends, publicise this event via your networks and remember - Everyone is welcome!