Thursday, 2 January 2014

Colourful Radio State of Black Britain Debate

Happy New Year you beautiful intelligent, dynamic people ! Yes thats you I'm talking too! 

2014 is a kick ass year and we're hitting the ground running. 

I now host my breakfast show on Britain's one and only black owned, commercial digital radio station #ColourfulRadio where the famous Dr X London's Ghettologist and I will bringing a grassroots perspective to news and politics.

To start the 2014 with a bang we are doing something unprecedented in UK black radio history .

Tomorrow morning between 7 and 10 am we will be discussing the State of Black Britain with reports coming in from towns and cities right across the country.

We will talk about how our communities are faring locally and nationwide, focussing on on going issues, challenges and importantly areas opportunity and successes.

Taking your reflection on 2013 reflections;

Discussing local issues that are affecting our communities
The the top five things our community must do in 2014.

We will also be interested to hear your views on whether Colourful Radio should organise and host a State of Black Britain debate in 2014.

Please use your Facebook and Twitter accounts today to publicise using both #StateOfBlackBritain, @ColourfulRadio and @LeeJasper in your promotion.We would be grateful if you could share and share. It's all about U. Your Music. Your Voice.