Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Nicky Jacobs Old Bailey Acquittal of the Murder of PC Blakelock

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Lee Jasper, former Policing Director for London and Chair of London’s Race and Criminal Justice Consortium  responds to the acquittal at the Old Bailey of Nicky Jacobs of the murder of Police Constable Keith Blakelock,

He said,   “This case has made a mockery of the notion of fair British justice and should have never have been brought to court. The evidence was non-existent and relied on the word of a man who had been paid by the police and given immunity from prosecution for serious drug charges, despite his long and serous criminal record. 

He is the same man who lied in all previous trial seeking a prosecution on this matter and for the police to rely on him again, demonstrates the Met will go to any lengths, above and beyond the law, to secure a prosecution in this case.

Nicky’s acquittal should now result in the immediate suspension of all Police officers and Crown Prosecution lawyers who were involved in bringing this ludicrous case to court. This travesty of justice has seen another nail in the Coffin of the Met Police and the Met Commissioner and will further exacerbate fraught police community relation. All those involved should be suspended immediately and be subjected to through criminal and disciplinary investigations.

What we have seen is in this case is ‘noble cause’ corruption that has sought to convict an innocent man of murder of a police officer, Nicky and his family life has been destroyed and the family of PC Blakelock have endured yet another botched attempt to secure a conviction in this tragic case.

The Commissioner Bernard Hogan Howe under whose watch this terrible travesty of justice occurred and who has to be held personally responsible for the malicious prosecution of an innocent Black man should be forced to resign. He is discredited, worst still incapable of inspiring confidence, has presided over the worst period of reputational damage in the Mets history.

I would like to pay special tribute to  my friends and colleagues Stafford Scott and Suresh Grover of The Monitoring Group, who supported Nicky from the outset, their work has proved invaluable to his cause and ultimately has helped exposed that Met campaign to convict anyone for the murder of PC Blakelock."