Wednesday, 11 February 2015

London Meeting: Malcolm X The Struggle Continues

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This a long post and dear reader I apologise for that in advance. Grab a coffee, if you will and come with me,  whilst I elucidate our desperate reality. 
I will be speaking at this meeting on the life of Brother Malcolm X and its relevance to today struggle.

In these times where capitalism is in crisis and the spectre of racism and fascism overshadows Europe, ask yourself what does history teach us about economic decline of European nations? 
The answer is clear for any student of history. When European economies go down, racism goes up. As the EU Central bank prints 1 trillion Euros to save the EU  banking system falling of a cliff and the Bank of England printed 1.5 trillion pounds to save the UK economy, we can see the desperate attempts to prop up an economic system that rewards the rich and punishes the poor. 

All over Europe, the extreme right racist have become emboldened to the extent, that racism is now bold, assertive and unashamed. Today, to be truly patriotic, is to be 'naturally' racist Its has transmuted from a prejudice considered to be toxic to an attitude that has become normalised.
Racism in Northern Ireland 
Look to Europe, and see how the fascist's are organised with million dollar backers, elected into the European Union and local Councils. Read the fevered manufactured media and political hysteria about Muslims and Islam spewed out on a daily basis and you can be left in doubt of the rising Isamaophobia.
The future for Black people, Muslims, Roma and many others now hangs in the balance.Your child's future and that of your grandchildren literally hangs in the balance. 
What happens tomorrow can dictated by what we do today.

As the good brother Malcom X told us 'The future belongs to those who prepare for it today'. Black self organisation, black self assertion, black self confidence in organisational and political alliance with Muslims and others, was the solution on the 1960's and remains the priority solution for us today.

To many of us what to join the system not change it. 

This future cant be delivered by the current UK assorted 'leaderships' of antiquated movements incapacitated by state funding, refusing to leave their cultural cup-de-sac, we need to decolonise our own struggle and shake of colonial mentalities.

Neither can we expect the black professionals who despise radical politics and play the neoliberal game of reducing racism and white supremacy, to nothing more than an 'equal opportunities' management issue in a rather misguided attempt to depoliticise racism.
White supremacy was the problem in the 1960's and is the problem now. We need a leadership here in the UK, that recognises that fact and focuses on tackling the economic prison industrial economy that result in black young people being seen as the raw material, a commodity, fodder for a criminal justice system that is engaged in the mass criminalisation of our communities. 
Black Faces in High Places Wont Work 
Black youth are worth more in prison than they are on the streets. When black youth got to jail everybody gets paid, the police man, the judge, the jailer, the construction industry that builds the prisons, the cook, the cleaner and the probation officer.
From the apartheid nation of Israel, the very pinnacle of contemporary white supremacy, to Ferguson and cities across the US and on to the segregated Banlieue's of Paris, on to Greece and Italy and beyond, Black and Muslim people are under attack.

African dying in their thousands. Do you even know one name?
But you know Mike Brown right? 

African and Muslim refugees seeking refuge from the North African nightmare, wrought into a blood quagmire as result of western intervention in Libya, Syria and Iraq are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea's, in a macabre recreation of the transatlantic middle passage.

Across Europe racist murders are a daily occurrence on a level not seen since Jim Crow in the Deep South America. Literal lynchings and mob violence are the daily reality of millions of African and Muslims throughout Europe and yet so affected are we with the cultural imperialist culture of white supremacy.
The African and Muslim community
under siege across Europe

We here in the UK care more about whats happening in the United States than we are with what happening on our doorstep. Of course we should be international nut not at the expense of fighting our struggle right here.

Its still true we can get more people to demonstrate about police murder in  America than a racist murder in France,

Neo liberal hegemonic culture renders us asunder with communities in Europe at massive cost in failing to combat and protect our communities from the kind of toxic racism Europe is now breeding. 
We need change and Im ready to play my part in that change. The alternative is languish in the consumer induced haze and distract ourselves in the false comfort of 'first world' problems. What to wear?, who we are dating? or who said what to who on Facerack.

This alternative reality, financed by printing money through the banks of Europe with big capital funding Neo Nazis parties as they realise that Europe is staring at financial collapse. 
And they have determined that the crisis must result in a distractive attack on Black people and Muslims, the poor the marginalised and disadvantage rather than the real authors of comic crisis, Bankers, capitalism liberal democracy, fascist and politicians

Such a crisis provides the wealth elite, an opportunity to reduce your wages, smash your employments rights to enable free market capitalism to restructure our economies into low wage economies. These right's hard fought for, if taken away will reduce your children's innate God given potential potential to a zero hour contract or the inside of a prison cell as a criminal or a terrorist.
So free wheel if you like, ignore at your peril, find your fortitude, reinstate leadership and trust in our each other, be bold  enough to make alliance's and cast off your glorious pretensions, gilded by free market capitalism and secure your children's future.
Thanks for reading this and do come along to the meeting if you can.But whatever you do, do not remain a passive consumer in the face of the raging fires of racism sweeping across Europe. 
Second thoughts I don't apologise for the length of this post. Life is not simple and this is not Eastenders