Thursday, 10 September 2015

Police Brutality 2015 Notting Hill Carnival

Police brutality at the 2015 Notting Hill Carnival. Watch as a brother is punched and pummelled by the Metropolitan Police for no reason. The brother is under control and there is no threat to the officers. 

He is punched repeatedly whilst on the ground, then as he is being led away on handcuffs, he is punched again for no reason. This is the type of behaviour that results in communities having little or no trust or confidence in police.

I would certainly offer our support to this young man if you or any of your friends know him then please pass my contact details. 

I think we should all be demanding this be properly investigated at a public investigation and the officers be immediately suspended pending investigations. 

I wonder if any of the officer involved or who saw what happened reported and complained about the disgusting behaviour of  their fellow officers?  I doubt it. Then that leaves us to support this brother who no doubt will be falsely charged with police assault. 

I think its time when marched to New Scotland Yard and demanded answers. Whose with me ?