Monday, 18 April 2016

London Mayoral Elections Turn Ugly: Zac Goldsmith Plays The Race Card.

There should be no room for racism in the London Mayoral elections. London is the most diverse city in he world 

Racism has seen a huge increase over the last 8 years. Looking at the recent research conducted by the Runnymede Trust its clear that the racial inequality gap between Black, Asian and White Londoners is not so much a gap as a yawning chasm.

Add to this the current scandal of London's acute housing crisis, toxic air pollution that kills more people than London youth violence, rising rates of violent crime and homicide and the tsunami of gentrification and benign ethnic cleansing,  that has seen the largest migration of the poor, Black and Muslim communitities out of their traditional 'inner city' neighbourhoods to outer London and you see before you a city that once was united, now bitterly divided.

When PM David Cameron said he admired ' French multiculturalism' he was talking about the aparthied like Banliue's of Paris, the banning of the Burkha, that has seen French racism propel facist Marie Le Pen to touching of the Presidency.

Hate crime in London have gone through the roof, Islamophobic attacks on Muslim women are a daily occurrence, Black and Muslim youth unemployment rates are comparable to those of the embattled Greek economy and higher that those of Palestinians in the nWest Bank Gaza.

Youth violence is becoming endemic and poverty that great incubator of sickness, violence and mental ill health is rising remorselessly. Black and Muslim Londoner's confidence in Metropolitan Police Service is at an all time low and sinking fast.

Zac plays the race card. 
Into all of this strides Conservative Zac Goldsmith whose Mayoral election campaign has become mired in accusation of racism and 'Lynon Crosbyesqe' dog whistle gutter politics. His attacks on Sadiq Khan Labour candidate are utterly grotesque.

Here's the thing,  we can all see poor little Zac's hearts not really in it and yet with the vigour and charm of a sweet little puppy dog, he constantly returns to the seen of this horrendous defecation.
Driven by Cosby's strategic low command, the political calculation is racism can win this election.

Sadiq under racist attack from  Zac. 

What London needs is a unity candidate capable of bringing a divided London together. London needs a Mayor that loves London more than his own career ambitions.

Zac has demonstrated that he is prepared to sacrifice whats right for London on the alter of his own ambition. In that regard he is very much like his predecessor whose blond ambition knew no bounds.

London is the most ethnically and religiously diverse city in the world. In such a world city of different people and religious faiths, there can be no place for racism, discrimination or religious bigotry.

The London Mayoral elections should free from racism and all Londoners should demand that all candidates commit to stop using race or religion to whip up racism. We must demand of our politicians that they consign  racism too the dustbin of history and reject any attempt to divide  Londoners.