Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Brexit Britain: The sky is dark with Britains colonial chickens coming home to roost,

I find it deeply ironic that after taking the decision to leave the European Union we are now faced with economic catastrophe. BREXIT IS SET TO COST US £66 billion. Such an amount could cure the country's ills overnight if invested in people.
 For decades the British public has been fed a constant diet misinformation and lies, by politicians of all parties particularly on issues of immigration, race religion and ethnicity. A neoliberal political narrative that targets and scapegoats national and ethnic minorities, for the sins of the bankers has been eagerly accepted and advanced by the British public.
This political narrative has been pounded into the British psyche by a mainstream press, that has largely been dominated by Murdoch. 
His media empire has fooled an entire generation and ensured the propagation of xenophobic, Islamophobia and racist sentiment amongst the general populace. 
Since the post-war period racism has continued to sustain itself, resurgent in economic down turns, receding in better times, but alway there awaiting opportunity. 

What we are seeing from my pwn perspective, is a nation whose economic wealth and prosperity was ceded by the brutal exploitation of colonialism, supported by an ideological commitment to white supremacy and racism. A nation that now finds itself facing economic ruin as a direct consequence of large sections of British society becoming increasingly infected with the social viruses of discrimination and ignorance.

That these very beliefs, that were so central to the expansion of Empire and the military domination of peoples around the world, should continue to provide a potent running narrative for irresponsible politicians and the right-wing media gives an indication of the cultural depth and strength of racism within the social, cultural and political DNA of Britain
Cultivated over decades, by lurid headlines from our right-wing tabloid press, working class whites now co-joined by a disaffected middle-class have voted against their own economic self-interest.

This is irrationality is characteristic of anyone who holds prejudicial beliefs, their actions are determined not by any objective grasp of the facts, but the emotional appeal pf petty nationalism and base racism, for which they have been perfectly prepared, by an eager and supine media, alongside venal politicians, happy to exploit these racist sentiments, so skilfully maintained by our neoliberal establishment class.

So now Britain is to be undone by its own racism, prejudice and bigotry developed and propagated to maintain Empire and then retained to reinforce sense of white British superiority. these traits are now the very same subliminal and cultural traits that are about to taar this country lime from limb

From black perspective, there is almost a sense of karmatic justice or divine providence, about what we see playing out today, for as we all know, the history teaches us, that all great empires are built on great crimes and all such empires will come to an end.