Thursday, 28 September 2017

The Ultimate Black Professional and Community Legacy Gala 2017

When we fundraise our own money, we stand on our two feet and look our children proudly in the eyes with confidence, pride and we fear no-one. #LegacyGala2017 We stand proud in the eyes of all, when we sacrifice our today for a better tomorrow. 

We stand all fall on the extend that we truly adopt the  philosophy of the Jamaican national hero, the Honourable Marcus Garvey. Today, we need to adopt this philosophy as our primary strategy for success. 

The Garveyite philosophy of "do for self" and look to Africa has never been so important as it is today. In these deeply troubled times, financial independence and ensuring a global connectivity have to be the head cornerstone's of any sustainable foundation of the next generation's leadership.

As Brexit looms and uncertainty abounds, our children face a future where they will enjoy fewer opportunities for personal advancement, economic and social mobility than any other previous modern day generation. 

It's vital that we prepare legacy organisations dedicated to providing the expertise and guidance that will support our next generation of young leaders. 

The Legacy Gala seeks to do just that; to raise our own finance to invest in our own young people, in developing ethical and effective next generation leaders

There can be no greater genetic or historic responsibility for any people. other than to ensure that they bequeath, to the next generation, their children, a world better that the one they inherited from their parents.

The Windrush generation worked hard, from can't see in the morning, till can't see at night, to ensure that they and their children, had a better future. 

This is the essential historic mission of all parents, all communities and nations.

Today we are in danger of bequeathing, to the next generation, a world in far worse state than the one we inherited. That would constitute an abandonment of our historic duty to push our communities forward and sacrifice today so that our children can benefit tomorrow.

This is our mission and today this work, investing in the future, financial independence, ethical and principled leadership is needed more than ever.

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