Friday, 19 August 2011

UK Riots, Youth, Society & Solutions

"After the recent events that occurred in London last week, I and many others thought it was crucial that a debate was started among people of all sections of society to discuss what has gone wrong in our society. This is a short 2 part doc of interviews I did with Narrow Pathfilms as a way to ignite this debate.

Please watch, share & take the debate further! peace!"

Tatenda Nyati

What began as a peaceful protest in Tottenham on the 6th of August against the killing by police of Mark Duggan, soon descended into widespread "rioting" & acts of violence across the UK over a period of 4 days.

The events that happened in these days cannot be dismissed as "incoherent acts of criminality" as suggested by mainstream media and politicians. There are many entities that were involved and compounded together lead to the unrest that we saw.

The reason for this short film is to show a perspective of not only young people, but to give a voice to all members of society and a perspective that has not been echoed in mainstream media. It is to spark a debate across all sections of society into what caused these riots to occur. It is only through debate & discussion that we will figure out the solutions, this is just one means of doing so.

What happened before the film was shot was the most important thing, because we engaged in a discussion into what is wrong with our society, it needs to happen & hopefully more debates will happen.

Thank you to the people that were interviewed (in order of appearence)
Sayo Martin
Ibukun Ademefun
Kanayo Phoebe Dike-Oduah

Also thank you to Narrow Path Films in helping to get the project rolling, the discussion of ideas & also future projects!!! The problems in our society will not be fixed by our governments, they will come from people being socially and politically active.

They will come from community organisations and mobilisation, so go find organisations in your area, understand the issues that are affecting your community & do something!

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