Thursday, 22 December 2011

Stan Collymore speaks his mind regarding Alan Hansen's* use of the word 'coloured' to describe black football players

'Official Alan Hansen says coloured on match of the day HD' - includes a viewer's reaction!
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*Stan Collymore has since put out a statement on Twitter saying that he was not responding to Alan Hansen's use of the word coloured, but to comments made by others on Twitter. Statement at end of article.

Stan Collymore via Twitter:
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Alan Hansen: referred to black football players as 'coloured' on Match of the Day

"Coloured. What colour would that be? Blue? Green? Orange?  White Black (not coloured). Black is fine. Mixed Race (not coloured). Half caste,not fine.

An idiots guide to the 21st century .

No need to have a pop, just trying to be helpful.

We need a debate, a real one where everyone living in this country can reform our accepted rules,as there's a lot of confusion amongst  lots of people right now.

Words or phrases have the power(historically) to really really hurt,whether intentional or not, so surely by acknowledging people's sensitivities(and justifiable of you have even a tiny grasp of history),taking a step to understand where these sensitivities come from,and say "ok,seems reasonable", how do we all work together and move forward.

I grew up hearing all sorts of words uses for disability,race,poor,and disadvantaged people that simply aren't used today because MOST people understand where those words came from.
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Stan Collymore spoke out on Twitter
 My Dad is Black ,my Mum is White, so trust me I've seen plenty to form a judgement from. In essence,many Whites (I lived exclusively in a white home growing up) feel that they are treading on eggshells,and can't do right for wrong (and that's understandable) and many Blacks, Asians and Mixed Race Men and Women feel they are just being taken the piss out of,after 100's of years of awful abuse,so how do we bridge the gap and all just get on?

We talk,be open and try and put ourselves in others shoes.
The only way!

Try asking questions to people who look different or sound different,and ask them why they would get offended and ask,"would I in the same situation ?"

Communication, not blind ignorance is the only way, otherwise we'll all bloody end up unhappy! Great country, mostly great people (if not a bit stubborn,it's in our DNA) but for Gods sake,put yourself in another mans shoes for once.

It might work!

Merry Christmas"
Stan Collymore via Twitter @StanCollymore

* Stan Collymore has since issued the following statement:
Response to Sun Newspaper article on Alan Hansen.
'In yesterday's Sun Newspaper,I was quoted as saying "Coloured,what colour would that be? Green? Blue? Orange?"
The suggestion in the story is that this was in direct to response to Alan Hansen's comments on MOTD.
It was not.
I was responding on twitter to a rash of comments asking if I minded being called coloured,
to am I coloured or black?, to less polite comments.
My reply did not name Alan Hansen,or refer to him in any way,whatsoever,and i defy anyone reading my twitter feed to see Alan Hansen's name in any way mentioned.
Therefore to use a quote not even naming Alan Hansen as the stick to beat him with in an article,completely misrepresents my quote,and frankly is unfair and wrong.
If I want to have a go at someone,i'll quite happily name them'.
Stan Collymore
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