Monday, 7 May 2012

Video: Lee Jasper speaks at Rage Against Racism

Rage Against Racism, rally at the Swedish Embassy in London on Tuesday May 1st

The rally is calling on the Government to commit to ending the racist misrepresentation and stereotyping of Black Women within the political, social and cultural dialogue of the UK. The protest is in part inspired by the racially charged, misogynistic cake created by Swedish artist Makode Aj Linde for World Art Day. The cake, which prompted laughter from spectators, has angered anti-racism campaigners around the world. Sam Asumadu, Organiser, Black Feminists: "Far from challenging racism, the Swedish art installation failed to adequately contextualise a highly sensitive issue. This is just another ripple of racism, just one of the many ripples that hide under the guise of humanitarianism, or art, or advertising or social commentary."
ñ Female Genital Mutilation offered by UK medics -- April 2012
ñ Cadbury compares Naomi Campbell to a chocolate bar -- June 2011
ñ LSE claims Black women are less attractive -- May 2011
ñ Just 500 people surveyed to represent all British Asians in "honour code" research for Panorama -- March 2012
ñ Athlete Tiffany Porter referred to as "plastic" because of her nationality -- March 2012
ñ Over representation of Black women's involvement in UK-wide riots -- August 2011
ñ Under representation of African women in Leadership. E.g. In UK parliament, management despite their qualifications and professional experience
Asumadu adds: "Mayor of London Boris Johnson has argued that the way to challenge racism is to 'axe large chunks of the anti-racism industry' and instead rely on 'tolerance and good manners'.
"So in the absence of an effective response from the Mayor or government, we are gathering to protest in the name of all Black women who are being objectified, dehumanised and degraded."
Lee Jasper, activist and former Senior Policy Advisor to the Mayor of London, said: "Black women in Europe are facing increased rates of racism and sexism. Objectified, stereotyped, denigrated and oppressed they face multiple levels of discrimination."Every year more than 22,000 girls in the UK and up to 6,000 in London are at risk of undergoing the surgery. Saria Khalifa from FORWARD said: "We support the 'Rage Against Racism protest' at the Swedish Embassy as we campaign to end Female Genital Mutilation. Never should awareness raising insult and degrade the very people who undergo FGM. This is another sad example of offensive misrepresentation of an important issue."
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