Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ban the EDL from Bristol: A Message from Paulette North, RESPECT & BARAC

 The English Defence League (EDL) are planning to march in Bristol on Saturday 14 July. A petition, already signed by many trade unions, faith and community groups will be presented to councillors in Bristol, stating that the EDL are not welcome here and that the council should call on the Home Secretary to ban them coming to Bristol.
Please add your support, by signing the on line petition on the council web site and encourage others to do so. To trigger a debate in the Council requires over 3,000 signatures.

You may know that I present the "Outlook" show each Thursday 11am to 1pm on Ujima Radio 98.0 FM. Several  programmes have featured the funding cuts in Bristol and I have already invited a number of organisations which are resisting the proposals. I am now doing a sequence of programmes on identity. If you want to come on and have your say e-mail .
Many of you will know that I am a member of the RESPECT party. They have nominated me to stand as mayor in Bristol. In my first press release (attached) you will see that I have said that the cuts made in community funding must be restored. This is because, having spoken to many of you, I have become increasingly aware of the vital work that you do for the community. I hope that you will support my nomination by spreading the word and asking me to talk to your community group about my campaign.
Best wishes
Paulette North
Bristol Convenor
Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts (BARAC)