Thursday, 25 February 2016

Market Man:Fantastic track dedicated to my activism over 30 yrs.

Jacqueline Kibacha. Tanzanian Spoken Word Artist: Market Man

Im humbled, delighted and honoured to have my dear friend and supremely talented African spoken word artist, Jacqueline Kibacha  do a track about my 30 year activism.

Press and play this great track right here.

This fantastic track references my early life working as a 15 yrs on a market stall on Tommyfields Market, Oldham. I worked there as a young man in 1973. First on Sat morning and then, later when I left school, full time.

The track talks to my career since then, including the hi-tech media lynching/witch hunt of me by the right wing and mainstream media led by the London Evening Standard in 2007/8.

The genre is one of my favourite styles, roots, rock reggae with some fantastic horn section and bluesy jazz breaks. I would urge you to get this album it really is excellent.

This EP is a rallying call to the victims of domestic violence and its absolutley brilliant.