Monday, 11 December 2017

Kids Company 2.0: London 'gang intervention' worker sleeps with client.

They plunge us into poverty with their racism and mass unemployment and leave black youth rotting on estates to murder and kill each other, then they contract their friends to come and ‘save us’ and such is their racism they refuse all Black attempts to solve our problems. They then recruit their middle class friends to come into our communities to address problems, they have no clue about. preferring their own paternalistic solutions. 
We end up with white middle classes organisations like Kids Company and the one involved here corrupting our kids further. This insidious racism sees these organisation poverty pimping our tragedies. Now lets be balanced about this, these organisations do cater for the reality that some parents are either incapable or unwilling to do what is necessary to look after their children. You know that, and I know it. Some parents circumstances are difficult and stressful, especially when Mom is the sole earner and as such such organisational support can be a life saver. 
But there a minority of us whose attitudes, lack of emotional maturity or selfishness or reckless behaviour, means that we are the problem. So well run ethical organisations doing the work with these families is necessary and can be very effective when culturally sensitive to the community they work with. 
Gang intervention work in London is a total mess. And on the ground black youth unemployment, and homelessness rises and we all know what happens when young people feel failed by society and their families 
We need strong community support organisations what with the current levels of poverty, mental ill health and homelessness being so high. Question is, are these current organisations focused on 'gang interventions' the right organisations? Are they diverse and publicly accountable to the communities they work in? It seems to me over the last decade, local authorities have slashed black voluntary sector funding wiped out hundreds of community organisations, reintroduced a budget for this critical work, one tenth of its original size, called it progress and handed the larger contracts to anybody but black organisations and companies.
But lets take a reality check, some of the problem includes black organisations some of whom, are happy to pimp black pathology for profit rather challenge police and local authority institutional racism that creates the societal and economic context for increased poverty, dysfunctional families, predatory violence, drugs and crime. That's why we have to fund our own solutions and demand more ownership, accountability and creativity in the design and implementation of solutions. 
And that would look like a comprehensive, public health, preventive strategy, where resources and power are devolved down to empower fractured communities. We need institutional assets under our control and I dont mean dependancy 'grants.' Here I'm talking about buildings we buy, or are given and refurbish and service ourselves. It's using our consumer power, to encourage private sector investment, and political political power to ensure fair access to statutory contracts that are aimed at our communities.

But before, we can do any of this, we need to own the problem we have right now and take control of the issue. Nothing can be effectively done, until we assume ultimate and collective community responsibility for our children.
This particular case shows an unethical and ineffective practice of piss poor youth intervention. This Mum is at her wits end and she tries to save her son from the ravages of this project. Black women are under attack by the white psych of black pathology. Some of these project have determined its 'our culture' that is at fault. Fact is the greater the poverty  and the longer it continues to exist, the greater the incidence of violence. It's an universal truth. 
We must do for self. We can't rely on the architects of our children misery to solve our problems. these kids need care and opportunity and its our duty to provide it. 
And the challenge is to the men, all generations of men, fathers or not. 
We need all hands on deck. Grandfathers, fathers and involved uncle, cousins, in laws, friends and neighbours. We need that size of paradigm shift. These are our kids. all of them and that makes this our problem, and any time a community loses control of its moral standing and respect of its own youth, you're in big problems. Respect comes from ethical intelligent, leadership that is emotionally mature and has a abiding passion for education. 
I believe we should consider organising a public meeting with those organisations and local authorities who are making these interventions and hold them too account. We've seen this all before with Kids Company and countless 'Mayoral' projects of a similar nature. In truth it appears these projects are an unofficial social services, with all the power and non of the accountability. 
They are contracted, voluntary sector organisations with no public facing complaints procedures and little if any real community accountability, and yet here they are, intruding massively into our communities, with huge powers conferred on them by the Mayor of London, the Metropolitan Police Service, local councils, all of whom demand 'intellegence', as a specific requirement of these statutory contracts. 
We must hold them to keen account in the New Year and fully asses the extent of this type of unethical, aggravating invasions of family life . The issues raised here, cannot be ignored and with your support @Blaksox will raise them. 
Or alternatively, we can all ignore this heart rending video, and the cries of our own children, for effective leadership and simply except that we have zero control and prepare for more tragic murders followed by brutal and cruel interventions from these unaccountable, agents of the state