Monday, 11 December 2017

To the British White Left: Your major anti racist focus on fascism and #Tories is great, but Black people are in a trench warfare with a racist @metpoliceuk and your predominant response is to send tweets and offer placards.

We see nothing but occasional articles professing your support, you may turn up for the odd tragic demo, but you have no substantive response neither is police racism a priority campaign for the left. Your campaigning preference is the cosmetic anti racism of left ‘anti fascism’.
We are all opposed to fascism, but the reality for the majority of black people is that, on the daily it’s a racist in a blue uniform, that represents our greatest threat. We are being criminalised on a industrial level, as Lammy Review report demonstrated. 

Add to that the polices own figures, that show massive disproportionately that represents the wholesale on going criminalisation, of an entire community on an unprecedented scale, and one is left asking the question, why the left will invest huge resources in opposing Trump in the name of anti racism or oppose racist immigration legislation, or UKIP or the Football Lads Alliance on occasion.

But they will not invest it's considerable resources in opposing the wholesale racism of an institutional racism of both the police and criminal justice systems? And when they do get involved in campaigns sucj as the Justice for Mark Duggan campaign they destroy for within with their toxic brand of left partenalism and Stalinst approach. 

It’s seems to me that the Left preference is for a soft anti racism of the exotic kind, rather the real industrial racism of the domestic kind, executed every day by the police and courts. This also reflect the total silence of the London Labour Party on the issues of police institutional racism, in particular the London Mayor Sadiq Khan. They're not alone... whines the last time you saw Momentum or Jeremy Corbyn address the scandalous racism of the the Met? 

What about London MP's or the London Assembly? Barely a whisper from any of them. 

The two Labour politicians who have raised these issues consistently are MP's Diane Abbot and David Lammy MP. That is to be welcomed but in the absence of a coherent policy response from the Labour Party, it appears as though this is not a priority of the part as a whole. 

This is a consequence of your alliance with black leftists who are to either silenced and disempowered by the lefts internal racism, or its token representatives, that ensures a soft polictal focus on racism of the exotic kind, rather
the real industrial racism of the domestic kind,
executed every day by the police and courts. 
And so they’re unable to establish Police racism as political priority, despite the fact that there is a return to the trench warfare of the 1980’s. 
You can’t tell me you haven’t noticed the plethora of police brutality cases of late? All this comes of a consequence of the total domination by sections of the left of the UK anti racist struggle. 
Black people are getting brutally oppressed by a police force that is deeply infected by a resurgent institutional racism and the left response is nothing more than a token acknowledgement. 
And so the police rampage through our community continues apace, austerity has amplified racial inequalities on a massive scale, and the police are intent on criminalising as many black people as they can in response to deepening poverty and now we’re at boiling point.

In 2018 the challenge for UK left that wants to be ‘inclusive’ beyond the current tokenism is to facilitate organisational black leadership and reprioritise the UK anti racist agenda or see the launch of anew black led anti racist movement. We need to reflect the real reality of our racist oppression not a leftist interpretation that reflects ideological empire building.