Sunday, 25 June 2017

Brexit: Colonial pay back?

Brexit is the contemporary legacy Empire. A colonial white supremacist, racist dogma thought long extinguished by far too many.

A latent racism, much denied by many Brits, and now as a consequence of it's routine denial, and fanned by the noxious flatulence of Brexit, British imperial racism, has returned with a vengeance.

Bold ,proud and unashamed. British racism, is back. A racism now magnified, through the lens of austerity and fanned by the noxious flatulence of Brexit, now represents an existential threat to the future success of the country.

The question I ask is this: Do the UK's current difficulties, arise in part, as a result of the irrational nature of racism, the fact that Britain has failed to resolve that legacy, and that, that historic failure has now come back to haunt them and us, resulting in the resurgence of xenophobia