Friday, 9 June 2017

Britain has changed and you changed it.

Jez We Can 
This morning we wake up in a new country. A country, that feels somehow different as a result of a new and profound shift in the political tectonic plates of the UK terra firma.

I think the country expects Prime Minister Theresa May to resigned. She has failed to secure her mandate for a"hard Brexit" Im sure I smell a vengeful Tory leadership silently sharpening their knives, ready for a very long night.

Failing that, she will try and form a weak coalition with the racist and extreme right wing Democratic Unionist Party, forming her own coalition of chaos. Lets just remember there association with loyalist terrorists during the  Northern Ireland troubles. I suspect that as a result she will suffer a massive public backlash as a consequence of her desperate attempt to retain power. She should go and go now. 

I'd like to pay special tribute to the young people of this country, whose spirit never wavered, whose hope burned bright, despite the siren calls of doom and disaster. It is the Millennial generation that has rewritten and restructured the British political landscape forever.

A 72% turnout for 19 - 25 year olds is simply remarkable. Utterly staggering in fact. 

In particular, I want to acknowledge that most despised section of our community, young Black and Muslim people. The very people who despised you, who tried to rob you of your futures by promoting racism, xenophobia and hate, have been taught a salutary and brutal lesson. You did that.

Simon Woolley OBV 
I also want to pay huge tribute to the work of Operation Black Vote today, and Simon Wooley. The increased turnout in our communities represents the fulfilment of a life times ambition. The slumbering giant finally woke up, and we should all be very proud.

Much like Jeremy, often toiling in difficult circumstances, challenging the deep cynicism born of frustration and usually robbing Peter to pay Paul, Simon has persevered and stayed the course.

In addition, those Black and ethnic minority organisations who came together to produce a Black Manifesto at such short notice, too many in number to mention here, rightly deserve a mention.

This is the kind of collegiate unity our young people demand of us, This is the ethical leadership they crave, and going forward I appeal to you all, to commit to working harder together for the common good. If this election and Jeremy Corbyn has taught us anything, it's that unity delivers its own reward. 

Personally, as somebody who has worked all his life to see the slumbering giant, the black and ethnic minority vote realise its true potential, today is a day that vindicates and exemplifies our collective power to bring real change to the United Kingdom.

The politics of division and hate have been rejected, in favour of Labour’s vision of a more equal, just and fairer society. What we saw last night, reflected in these dramatic results, is the rebirth of hope and opportunity,

Britain rejected the politics of hate 
To all young people, I say the Millennium generation has saved the nation, and in doing so has restored hope and integrity to a country mired in the divisive, and bitter politics of Brexit Britain.

It is your future, it is your time and much like Julius Caesar, you came, you saw, you conquered.

Jeremy Corbyn, John MacDonald, and let us not forget our dear sister Diane Abbott triumphed against the massed ranks of the British neoliberal elite, the Murdoch media, and a vicious and unrelenting assault on their politics and personalities, and yet the British public embraced the politics of equality and justice, and called time on the great Tory austerity project.

One can only imagine the victory that could have been secured, had the Parliamentary Labour Party, who spent the best part of the last 18 months, fundamentally undermining Jeremy's authority and plunging the Labour Party into disarray.

I say to you all frankly today, you should hang your heads in shame. A united Labour Party could have secured victory, had you prioritised unity in the party, above your own political careers. 

You had no faith, you had no commitment, and you failed both party and country.

No doubt, the decent man Jeremy is, there will be no bitter recriminations, however you should reflect on the quality of his leadership and be determined to dedicate yourself, to his renewed and strengthened mandate or leave the party. That’s the choice that faces you today.  

The great Nelson Mandela once said "it is always impossible, until it's done." And today, on this bright new morning, we see full confirmation of our strategic political power and influence.

I dare venture to say, that the days when our votes were simply taken for granted and weighed in advance, are indeed well and truly over.

We have reached a watershed moment in our history, where the depth and strength of the Black and ethnic minority vote has emerged, as one of the most significant electoral blocs in the United Kingdom. And the reality is, we can only get stronger.

We now enter uncharted waters and no doubt difficult times. It will require our constant vigilance, discipline, and unity behind Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. Together we can forever change British politics. Today as the sun shines on a glorious Britain, we can finally believe, another world is possible.  

Thank you Jeremy and well done to his loyal MP's and supporters.