Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Im no religious leader...but the dead of Grenfell Tower need blessed relief...

Im not a religious leader and since I have retired I'm no longer active or representative political leader, so I can speak my mind and of course, be ignored quite reasonably.
In relation to this damned fire, can we start calling this what it is ? #GrenfellTowerMassacre
And can the authorities stop lying to the people? The remaining dead were undoubtedly eviscerated in that hellish fire. 
In my soul I feel the plaintiff agonising call off the dead wailing around that Tower like banshees. 
They're demanding their release. 
I cant help feeling that what we need, is more spiritual leadership and power on this issue. Its certainly been a feature of the response to the terrorrist attacks we've seen of late. 
We must begin the healing to the tower itself. Sounds silly huh? The pain in that building is beyond imagination.

Its needs spiritual cleansing even if that just constitutes a ritualised response that provides cognitive comfort.
I am aware of the local religious response which has been amazing, but it's that brooding tower where the dead now lie and just need to be blessed, thats what I hear in my head everyday. 
That Tower is a mass grave of cremated ashes I believe that we should have a multi faith service at the Tower urgently. The dead and the living need spiritual power, blessings and consecrcration. 
My heart tells me people need permission to grieve. That the message in my head on the daily. I am sure that most of this is being worked on somewhere by someone. and by suggesting this I mean no disrespect to work done or being planned.

These are just my thoughts.
In retirement and I ponder how my spirit has been moved to tears and sorrow, and I see that brooding tower, each and every day I am compelled to speak of my thoughts of spiritual healing, therapeutic practice, ritual, release and power. 

Release the dead from that Tower, that dreadful tower and monument of statutory indifference, pain and community tears.