Monday, 30 January 2012


A poem by Zita Holbourne, copyright January 2012

David Lammy’s smacks of hypocrisy smack of hypocrisy
He seems to have forgotten his roots and history
If he thinks beating the young into submission
Is the way to instil order and discipline

David Lammy seems to believe the saying ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’
And that if you don’t beat little children, later on they’ll turn violently wild
Boris Johnson has now giving his backing
To Lammy’s call for working class parents smacking

According to Lammy middle class children can play tennis to learn discipline
But if you’re a poor child with working class parents you need a regular beating
The riots would not have happened if only parents had given smacks
The world would be free from disorder, violence and attacks

The cuts to youth centres and slashing of EMA
Tripling of tuition fees and frozen pay
1.2 million Youth unemployed and deprivation
Police attacks, deaths in custody and discrimination

Would all have been acceptable
If mummy and daddy had felt comfortable
Distributing smacks as discipline
The riots would never have been

Perhaps if smacks had been given to all the little aspiring money makers
They wouldn’t have grown up to be greedy irresponsible bankers
And if smacks had been given to those with political ambitions
They wouldn’t have grown into expenses cheating politicians

And if smacks had been given to all the little Davids, Gideons and Borises
They wouldn’t have got involved in gang culture acting so amiss
Joining the Bullingdon Club
And acting like violent thugs

Perhaps if Lammy and his cronies had been smacked in their youth
They’d have learned to act with integrity, conscience and truth
They’d stand up for workers, justice and equalities
And not be so fast to destroy communities

Making and endorsing cuts
And instead they’d have some guts
To stand up against the real criminals
Instead of attacking the most vulnerable

David Lammy smacks of hypocrisy
With his smacks of hypocrisy