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Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) UK supports the Justice 4 Jay Campaign. The Justice 4 Jay Abatan campaign will hold a vigil this Sunday 29th January in memory of  Jay Abatan from 8am to 1pm outside Brighton Police Station. *Update - Sussex police have issued a press release, scroll down for details.
Jay Abatan, a 42 year old black man was murdered in a racist attack by a gang in Brighton in January 1999, at the end of a night out to celebrate his recent promotion.
Justice for Jay photoJay was accompanied by a friend and his brother Michael, who were also attacked.

Five days later, Jay died in hospital, having sustained severe head injuries.
Thirteen years on, no one has yet been tried for Jay's murder. Jay's family continue to campaign for those who killed him to be brought to justice.
Jay's brother, Michael Abatan has issued the following statement:
"People will ask why I am still here asking for justice for my brother after 13 years. It is not just for myself and his family but the people of Sussex deserve a police force who are competent and transparent. There are facts that still remain unanswered into the police re-investigating into my brothers death : 1. Why was my brother's original homicide investigation the only one in Sussex that year that was underfunded and so destined to fail. Was it his race or some other reason.

2. I now know Sussex police continue to have links with the men who murdered my brother - drinking with them that night Jay was attacked, giving character references for them, even trying to interfer with the second investigation, and as recently as 2010 I had to warch a senior police officer called to attend to give evidence at the inquest sit with one of the suspects chatting friendly.

The Inquest that took place in October 2010 showed me there is still new evidence out there not gathered by the police. The inquest was somthing police officers didn't want to happen and now despite clear findings by the coroner the police still refuse to look at the evidence and investigate those people it implicates regardless of whether they know them.

Stephen Lawrence family have been through an uphill struggle and it has given me faith that even after 18 years justice is possible, but the police must pursue all avenue of enquiry without fear or favour."
More information about the campaign can be accessed here:
The address for the vigil is:

Brighton Police Station
John Street
East Sussex

Zita Holbourne & Lee Jasper
Co-founders/ National Co-Chairs
Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC UK)

press release from Sussex police :
Lines of enquiry are still be actively pursued into Jay Abatan's death.

Mr Abatan, 42, died five days after being punched to the floor in an attack outside the Oceans Rooms nightclub, Brighton, in January 1999.

 Officers have been in regular contact with Jay's family and recently held a meeting with them and the CPS to discuss developments in the investigation. This follows the inquest where evidence was heard that had not previously been revealed to police.

Following the inquest, which recorded a verdict of unlawful killing, a man was interviewed regarding the evidence he gave. He is currently on bail.

Chief Superintendent Steve Fowler said:"We understand the frustration of the family that no one has been brought to justice for this crime and we are determined to continue in our pursuit.

"We have taken detailed legal advice from the CPS following the inquest into Jay's death and have interviewed a man regarding his evidence at the inquest. We liaise closely with the family and are updating them on the progress we are making.

Should new information come to light we will investigate."

Sussex Police has apologised both publicly and privately to Jay's family for shortcomings during the initial investigation into Jay's death in 1999. The force now operates totally different procedures for major crime.

Re inquiry by another force:
Jay's family has raised this issue before. There is no mechanism for another force, such as the Met, to have primacy on this live investigation.
We have welcomed ongoing scrutiny around this case and the second investigation was subject to full review by other forces. The ongoing investigation remains a priority and lines of enquiry are being followed. We will be happy for it to be independently reviewed in line with our regular practices for major crime investigations.
We have apologised publicly and often for the failings in 1999, but reinforce that current investigative practice are vastly different.

Sussex Police – Serving Sussex